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Gum disease, which is also known as periodontal disease, is a serious and dangerous dental issue. In fact, it’s so dangerous that it not only affects your smile and oral health, but it also affects your entire body. The symptoms related to gum disease are:

– Bleeding gums: Gums that bleed when you clean your smile or when you eat meals and snacks is not normal, even if it is common to think they are.

– Receding gums: Gums that move away from the teeth and show the tooth roots are unusual. Healthy gums should hug the teeth tightly and cover the lower sections of the teeth.

– Red gums: Gums that are a darker color than usual need to be looked at. Your gums should be a light or medium pink color.

– Swollen gums: Your gums should be flat and tight in your mouth and shouldn’t cause any pain. Gums that are inflamed, bulgy, lumpy, and tender need to be looked at immediately.

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