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When determining which treatments are needed to restore or repair a tooth, root canal treatments are typically used as a last resort to save teeth. When teeth are damaged, it is important to take heed of what level of damage has been done. If the pulp has been damaged to the point of failure, it must be removed, or the rest of the tooth will fail and need to be extracted.

When root canals are implemented to remove damaged pulps, they typically require the use of lasers to clean the area before it can be filled in. Oftentimes, the pulp has been damaged by decay from dental erosion, although oral accidents and injuries can also cause a breakdown in the enamel.

Microscopic cracks in the tooth enamel are enough to allow bacteria to enter a tooth and infect the pulp. The pulp, which consists of the connective tissues, nerve endings, and blood vessels in the tooth, is often thought of as the life source of the tooth. However, removing it is oftentimes the only way to save the tooth, and thus the need for root canal treatments.

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