Dr. Roger Anderson and his team do everything possible to protect your teeth. However, some circumstances may necessitate the removal of a tooth from your mouth. If removing a tooth from your mouth will help protect your remaining teeth and your oral health, we may recommend a simple tooth extraction.

Tooth extractions are the removal of a tooth from your mouth. Some conditions that may lead to an extraction include: 

  • Severe decay which has damaged the tooth beyond the point where it can be repaired or restored 

  • Severe infection which has destroyed significant portions of the tooth and its supporting bone structure 

  • Overcrowding of the teeth, making it difficult for the teeth to fit properly and align correctly 


Dr. Roger Anderson and our team will remove your tooth as gently as possible. We make every effort to make your procedure as comfortable and painless as possible. After your tooth has been removed, we will provide you with post-op instructions to help you heal properly, and will work with you to determine which type of tooth replacement will most effectively meet your needs. 

If, after examining your mouth and the tooth in question, Dr. Roger Anderson feels that your case is more complex, he will refer you to a trusted specialist to have the tooth removed. 

We invite you to call us at 303-232-6205 if you have any questions about tooth extractions in Lakewood, Colorado, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Roger Anderson at our dental clinic.




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